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The Official Warrior Website of Fairview High School's Classes of 1964, 1965 & 1966

Last update: August 29, 2014

Every heart holds precious memories, of the days gone by.
Memories of the friendships made there, in our Fairview High.

Fairview High School
Class of 1964

The 50th Reunion!

Official Reunion Weekend
September 5th and 6th, 2014

The Yacht Club Bar is CASH ONLY (No credit cards)
You will also need cash to purchase $1 and $5 Raffel Tickets.

Event Calendar

Pat Razem and Jeanne Kirk are planning to tour the
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Thursday September 4 at 10:00 am
Anyone who would like to come along is welcome.
Contact Pat Razem Guzowski
H: (440) 835-5523

Some of our classmates are meeting for lunch
Friday September 5 at Noon
on the Patio at Houlihan's
25651 Detroit Rd. Westlake (near Columbia).
Everyone is welcome!

There will be a special tour of
Fairview High School
Saturday September 6 at 1:00 pm
(meet at the front door)
and a tour of
The Fairview Historical Society
aturday September 6 at 1:30 pm
(Bain Park Cabin)

The Fairview Historical Society
is also having a meeting
Thursday September 4 at 7:00 pm
It's open to anyone who would like to attend.

Click Here for the reunion map and directions
to Panini's and the Cleveland Yacht Club

If you haven't sent us your bio, or the online questionnaire or a picture of your smiling face it isn't too late. It's never too late.

But if Pat doesn't receive your bio or questionnaire by Tuesday it will be too late for our "Memory Book."
The book will be sent to the printer on Wednesday September 3..

50th Reunion questionnaire
Click Here

Send bios and pics to
Pat Razem Guzowski
H: (440) 835-5523

We will always post your pictures and messages for classmates on the web site whenever we receive them. Keep those pics coming! We love them!

Click Here
to see the latest Class of 64 bios and pics.

Look Who's Coming!

Barb Brewster
Susan Kinkelaar
Pat Razem
Roger Clingman
Jeanne Kirk
Karen Pfaff
Kathy Coticchia
Ed Kovach
Toni Raia
Colleen Gibbons
Sharon Landreth
Terry Nobbe
John Jefferson
Diana Loy
Tim Terek
Jeff Jeffries
Lynn Malecki
Denise Wilder
Mike Jelenic
Ginnie Moore
Sally Priesand
Allan Krist
Ruth Gmetro
Peggy Marcell
Jay Walland
Bill Bristow
Robert Smith
Barb Walsh
Jeff Rade
Richard Segrist
Greg Rinehart
Dennis Guenther
Nancy Huttenlocher
Jan Owen
Bill Rollin
Gary Schatmeyer
Joan Menhennet
Ginny Doherty
Judy Nunnari
Stephanie Ostle
Dennis Hoelzer
Gary Skoog
George Christoph
Bill Westfall
Dennis Hintz
Carol Barnak
Tom Pfeiffer
Barb Yoder
Judy Wisniewski
Sharon Golke
Sandy Guy
Jim Hoertz
Jake Demko
Larry Guercio
Barb Schleimer
Bev Muzyka
Jerry Gmetro
Lee Matia
Jim Tupa
Judy Nunnari
John Stetsko
Ed Detrow
Fran Witty
Jean Wilcox
Barb Summers
Debbie Bennhoff
Bob Roffey
Marty Halloran
Susan Kelly
Ruth Hall
Margaret Carey
Tom Gurda
Bruce Bennhoff
Mary Rohlf
Lenore Phillips
Carol Bednarchuk
Donna Lenhard
Karen McCullough
Kathy Logan
Jeanne Johnston

Sign up and SEND US A CHECK!

Click HERE to see more info below.

 FHS '64 50th Reunion Committee

Favorite and Sometimes Funny Memories of Fairview High

Kathy Coticchia (Mohn)

This is not funny, but it's my favorite memory! When running for President, John F. Kennedy came to Cleveland and gave a speech at Public Square. Several of us skipped school that day and went to see him. Someone in our group let me sit on his shoulders, but I cannot remember who it was. it was thrilling to see JFK and I remember feeling very lucky to have had the chance, even if it meant we had to skip school!!

Karen Pfaff (Nelsen)

The swim team winning state, beating RR in football, cheerleading, enjoying Gary's amazing creativity for our dances.

Sally Priesand

I was student director of the play "J.B" which took place in a circus tent. The curtain went up, the play began and the tent fell down. I had to send people out to fix it, pretending it was part of the play. Afterwards, we all had a good laugh!

Susan Kinkelaar (Mears)

Sitting in the backseat while Diana Loy drove her Dad's car (I think it was a Packard.)

Jeanne Kirk (Smith)

I know I laughed a lot but one of my favorite times was a surprise breakfast with people rousted out of bed and attending in PJs. Another favorite time was twirling a fire baton at one of the football games because it was fun and it freaked out the teachers!

Dave Brown

On the roof of the High School with Dennis Hoelzer and I had an impossible time getting off.

Judy Nunnari (Miles)

Riding our bikes to Jaquay with good friends...and getting "lost" in the the dark...on our way home!

Barbara Brewster (Zavasnik)

Rushing back to school after lunch at McDonalds, and running through the halls with Carol, Bonny, and Kathy to make it to class before the bell would ring.

Roger Clingman


William Westfall

My acting ability, or lack thereof.

Jeff Jeffries

Playing Ghoulardi on the Fairview High School stage during the student council president election rally.

George Daniel Christoph, III

Forgetting my lines on stage while doing the "comedy bit" in-between acts of the class play.

Dennis Hoelzer

Hanging the "TUNA" banners off the school roof building after the swim team won the state championship

Bob Scheuer

Going home during school hours with a migraine headache and throwing up on the base of various trees along the street. Well it's funny now.

Karen Leyerle

Some of the gags the kids used to do to a few of the teachers.

Karen McCullogh

Frozen hair as I walked home from swimming lessons in the winter.

What's cooking Kathy?

Chef Kathy Coticcia (Mohn) prepares
Wild Boar in a wine tomato sauce
with homemade Tagliatelle Pasta.

Her friend is Marcella Pulcini,
a graduate chef from ICE in NYC.
She's a chef at her family's restaurant
on the Jersey Shore.

Kathy on a cooking adventure in Tuscany, Italy!
June 2014

Pat, Denise, Susan and Diana doing their best to improve foreign relations.

May 2014

Monte Carlo
May 2014

20th Annual
Warrior Golf

Saturday June 14, 2014


2014 Low Gross Champion
Fred Colli (74)

2014 Low Net Champion
Jerry Evins (67)

Forty-one golfers had a great day at Big Met, Fairview's own golf course since 1925.
The weather was magnificent! And the course was too, even though it was under water less than a month ago. If you ever wonder what is the fair view, Big Met is part of it.

For info on next year's tournament contact
Bill Ness
(770) 490-4628

Bill Kunkle, Bob Titmas, Pete Lambros and Steve Saari

Jerry Evins wins Low Net at 2014 Warrior Golf

Ray Jenne, Bob Sudick, Bill Ness, Bob Kunkle

Bob Kunkle, Bob Sudick, Ray Jenne




Get Ready! Here it Comes!

Fairview High School
Class of 1964

The 50th Reunion!

Official Reunion Weekend
September 5th and 6th, 2014

Friday Night
September 5th, 7:00 pm
Panini's Bar & Grill
Corner of Clague Rd. and Detroit Rd. in Westlake
$25 ($30 after July 1st )
Includes a donation to support the web site.
Pizza and Pub Food
Cash Bar

Saturday Night
September 6th, 6:00 pm
The Cleveland Yacht Club
$75 ($85 after July 1st)
Hors d'oeuvres and reception
Sit-down Dinner - choice of entrees
Skits, entertainment, dancing to the music of the 60's!
And, a very special multiple winner RAFFLE!

Bill Bristow, Dick Segrist amd Robert Smith will be there!

Who could ask for anything more?

Sign up!
And most importantly, SEND US A CHECK!
Make checks payable to: FHS Reunion '64
Send checks and your completed questionnaire to:

Lynn Malecki Imhoff
26742 Henry Rd.
Bay Village, Ohio 44140

Please take a moment to fill out the
50th Reunion questionnaire
Click Here

We're also looking for donations
for our very special FHS '64 Raffle!
Got a condo somewhere warm you're not using? Please donate!
Got any old FHS memorabillia you wanna part with?
There will be multiple winners for some fabulous prizes!
OK, start donating those fabulous prizes! lol

We can always use cash donations
to help support the web site.

We're also raising money for a contribution to Fairview High School.
Our goal is $5,000!
The money will be used to purchase something the school really needs.
We'll be working with school administration to decide what it will be
once we know the amount of money we have raised.
Pony Up!

Any Questions?
Contact Pat Razem
or Lynn Malecki

Please let us know if you're coming ASAP.

We need to know how many folks will be there.

Please take a moment to click here
and fill out the 50th Reunion questionnaire


Join the Committee!

Would anyone else like to join this merry group of classmates?
The more the merrier!
Feel free join us at any committee meeting.

We have a fair amount of work to do before our 50th and we appreciate everyone's participation on this planning committee. 

Next meeting
Tuesday, July 15, 6:00pm to 8:30pm

We look forward to seeing you!

The traditional "After Meeting" follows every Committee Metting at
Stampers Bar & Grill.
Right down the street on Lorain Road
Starting promptly at 8:31pm!
You won't want to miss this! It's usually VERY productive!

For more info contact
Pat Razem Guzowski
H: (440) 835-5523
W: (440) 734-8800 x4081



Thanks so much for your generous support of our reunion, July 23-24, 2010.

It was great to see so many of you. Every heart holds precious memories.

Your donation of door prizes and monetary support for our web site
was so important in making this reunion a success.

Make sure to check your class directory and update your personal information.
Send email updates your class rep or to:

Thank you to everyone who sent pictures, filled out the reunion questionnaire
and helped keep us up to date with the whereabouts of classmates and friends.

Special thank you's to Pat (Razem) Guzowski, Pam (McEwen) Faup,
Lynn (Malecki) Imhoff, Laurie (Roller) Evanko, Jane (Athan) Curran, Mike Jelenic,
The End, John Shumaker, Mourning Glory
and everyone who helped make this a very special reunion.

The Class of 64's 50th Reunion is just 4 years away!
We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Thanks Again!

Your FHS Reunion Committee

Send us any photos you have from the 2010 reunion!

Isn't amazing how everyone looks just like they did when we graduated?
Click on photo to enlarge
Class of 1964 2010 Reunion July 23-24, 2010
Row 1: Rose Ann Bacha (Barker), Bill Bristow, Diana Loy (Lorek) Denise Wilder (Rainey), Nancy Huttenlocker (Redmond), Jan Owen (Childress), Pat Razem (Guzowski), Toni Raia (Coleman)
Row 2: Lynn Peterson (Lust), Jeanne Johnston, Sue Kelly, Sue Kinkelaar, Barbara Schleimer (French), Lynn Malecki (Imhoff), Peggy Marcell (Casselberry), Ginny Moore (Kappa)
Row 3: John Lahey, Jack Demko, Roger Clingman, Jim Hoertz, Rob Pinkel, Carol Barnak
Row 4: Tom Hennings, Marty Halloran, Mike Jelenic, John Jefferson, Tim Terek, Jeff Jeffries
Row 5: Gary Skoog


Click on photo to enlarge

Class of 1965 2010 Reunion July 23-24, 2010

Row 1: Linda (Wishner) Maier, Jan (Walsh) Streeter, Mike Miller, Pam (McEwen) Faup, Toni (Rogliano) Rose
Row 2: Judy (Petrus) Sommer, Elaine (Shingleton) Mravetz, Penny (Felton) O'Neil, Melody (Flood) Hennings, Laurie (Roller) Evanko
Row 3: Jack Oswald, Barb (Feitz) Martens, Linda (DuRoss) Willgren, Bob Sichau, Sharon (Shroth) Wallace, Roger Wallace
Row 4: Valerie (Noah) Boone, Ken Standen, Greg Kappa, Pam Elliott, John Shumaker, Tom Stamatis, Karen (Lampman) Jeffries
Row 5: Tom Streeter, Doug Ballash, Greg Moore, Steve Broker, Chary (Laurie) Baggett, Rissa (Krewson) Wyant, Barb (Leuckel) Tipka
Row 6: Bob Sudick, Wally Berry, Al Stewart
Row 7: Dick Stuewe, Bob Kunkle, Al Wagner, Bob Kunath, Bill Besserer, Bruce Bibler, Tim Schraff


 Click on photo to enlarge

Class of 1966 2010 Reunion July 23-24, 2010

Row 1: Mr. Robert Smith, Donna (Ray) Sarda, Barb Taylor, Nancy (Burdick) Mick, Jane (Athan) Curran,Dave Coleman
Row 2: Mary (Pippa) Hayes, Carol (Galik) Karg, Ron Mercer, Karen (Koerpel) Schwering, Vicki Parker
Row 3: Dan Curran, Shirley Kappa, sis (Gallo) Hovorka, Cornelius "Corky" Kunath, Bob Blankenburg, Jack Moore
Row 4: Ed Willgren, Bruce Reynolds, Jeff Meinke, Bill Stern, Don Robertson, Keith Mulder, Ed Hammett
Row 5: Greg Jackson, Todd Huttenlocher, Jack Stllman, Richard Johnson


More Reunion Pics Click Here

Susan (Kinkelaar) Mears, Tom Hennings,
Melody (Flood) Hennings, Pat (Razem) Guzowski, Gary Skoog

Bob Sichau, Bob Sudick, Jeff Jeffries, Karen Lampman, Mary Ann Jelenic,
Pam Kunkle, Sharon Landreth, Bob Kunkle

Karen (Pfaff) Nelsen), Kit Kelly, Sue Kelly, Alan Krist

Alice Edstrom, Nancy Burdick, Sis Gallo

Larry Guzowski, Toni (Raia) Coleman, Dave Coleman

Susan (Kinkelaar) Mears, Tom Hennings,
Melody (Flood) Hennings, Pat (Razem) Guzowski

Alan Krist, Karen (Pfaff) Nelsen, Gary Shatmeyer

Toni (Rogliano) Rose, Val (Noah) Boone, Laurie (Roller) Evanko

Tim Terek, Joan Clingman, Roger Clingman

Bruce bibler, Bill Martens, Linda Bibler, Bonnie Sichau

Al Imhoff, Lynn (Maleki) Imhoff, Bob Rainey

Pam (McEwen) Faup, Dick Steuwe, Jane (Athan) Curran

Ken Standen, Don Karg, Don Mitchell, Dan Curran

Larry Guercio

If you haven't done so already, please fill out the
Reunion 2010 Questionnaire

Here's the list of those from whom we received reservations for Reunion 2010.
We know there were a bunch of last minute responses, "walk-ups" and gate crashers.
The more the merrier!
We'll add these names to our "Official" attendee list ASAP.

William Bristow
Ned Livengood
Robert Smith

Jeff & Karen (Lampman) Jeffries
Pam (McEwen) & Bill Faup
Jane (Athan) & Dan Curran
John & Mary Kay Jefferson
Laurie (Roller) & Pete Evanko
David Coleman
John Lahey
Toni (Rogliano) Rose
Rob Bartos
Colleen (Gibbons) Sacher
Dick Steuwe
Todd Huttenlocker
Susan (Kinkelaar) & Richard Mears
Bill Besserer
Shirley Kappa
Toni (Raia) Coleman
John Shumacher
Keith & Kathy Mulder
Pat (Razem) & Larry Guzowski
Bob & Bonnie Sichau
Ed Hammett
Nancy (Huttenlocher) & Jim Redmond
Al Wagner
Bob & Jan Blankenberg
Lynn (Malecki) & Al Imhoff
Steve Broker
Carol (Galik) & Don Karg
Jan (Owen) Childress
Rissa (Krewson) Wyatt
Mike Pitman
Tim Terek
Karen (Lampman) Jeffries
Greg Jackson
Judy Wisniewski
Bob Nichols
Barney Schaab
Roger & Joan Clingman
Valerie (Noah) Boone
Jeff & Debbie Zimmer
Karen (Pfaff) Nelson
Barb (Poduska) Janovsky
Vicki Parker & Peter Ceralilo
Ed Kovach
Elaine (Shingleton) & Bob Mravetz
Mary (Tokorsky) Gerbasi
Jim & Barb Hoertz
Tom Stamatis
Corky & Pat Kunath
Jake Demko
Al & Pam Stewart
Kate (Zukie) & Ray Jenne
Carol Barnak
Tom Streeter
Ron Mercer
Ginnie (Moore) Kappa
Gary Strempel
Don Farmer
Dennis & Judy Guenther
Jan (Walsh) Streeter
Bill Stern
Gary Skoog & Joana Bezerra
Greg Kappa
Bruce Reynolds
Alan Krist
Jack & Nancy Oswald
Guido Laudini
Tom Hennings
Bob Sudick
Donna (Ray) Sarda
Lynn (Peterson) & Gerald Lust
Bob & Pam Kunkle
Jack Stllman
Jeanne (Johnston) & Sam Carrell
John McAuliffe
Don Robertson
Barbara (Black) & Chuck Lehman
Jan (Meznarsic) Iglehart
Barbara Taylor
Barb (Brewster) Zavasnik
Mike & Pat Miller
Janet (Mitiska) & Joseph Perino
Roberta (Scheuer) Wright
Ed & Sharon Sabala
Nancy (Burdick) Mick
Rosenn (Bacha) Barker
Sharon (Schroth) & Roger Wallace
Donna (Ray) Sarda
Diana (Loy) Lorek
Melody (Flood) Hennings
Karen (Koerpel) & Joe Schwering
Gary Schatmeyer
Penny (Felton) & Bill O'Neill
Craig Koerpel '63
Bev Muzyka
Barb (Feitz) Martens
Don Mitchell
Barbara (Schleimer) French
Pam Elliott
Barb Cofall
Denise (Wilder) Rainey
Doug Ballash
Ed & Carol Willgren
Mike & Mary Ann Jelenic
Ken Standen
Rich Johnston
Sharon (Landreth) Trissel
Joe & Mary Ann Ratica
Sheila (Schroeter) Cooper
Tom & Marrie Pfeiffer
Tim & Bonnie Schraff
Sandy (Schier) Hambleton
Sue Kelly
Jon Skeans
Paul Mathieson
Kathleen Kelly '62
Linda (Spontelli) Koenig
Jeff & Lois Meinke
Marty Halloran
Linda Wishner & Russ Maier
Mary Pippa
Rob & Linda Pinkel
Wally Berry
Sis Gallo
Peggy (Marcell) & Jim Casselberry
Bob & Rose Kunath
Bill Fyffe
Denny Farmer
Bruce & Linda Bibler
Dave & Martha Grumbach
Larry Guercio
Jan Meznarsic Iglehart
Jack Moore
Charlie Achuff
Peg Selvaggio Bocci
Tom & Ingrid Kennedy
Tom Csapo
Jan Walland

Linda (Warren) & Roger Stewart

Jay Walland
Barb (Lueckel) & Bill Tipka
Bruce Gaudreau
Bob Rainey
Linda (DuRoss) Willgren
Dan Calmer

Judy (Petrus) & Chuck Sommer
Tom & Karen Kappa

Greg Moore
John Kappa

Chary (Laurie) Baggett
Claudia Lenarz

Hank Haynes

Mary (Pippa) Hayes

Special thanks to those who have donated door prizes or made a financial contribution to help support

Your support of the website is needed and appreciated.

To make a contribution...
Make checks payable to:
FHS Reunion 64-65-66
Mail to: Laurie Evanko, Treasurer 4829 W. 220th St. Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Jeanne (Kirk) Smith
Doug Ballash
Rob Bartos
Jerry Young
Ken Standen
Guido Laudini
Carol Barnak
Joe Ratica
Shirley Kappa
Colleen (Gibbons) Sacher
Dick Steuwe
Carol (Galik) Karg
Sue Reasch
Jon Skeans
Keith Mulder
Barb Summers
Barb (Feitz) Martens
Vicki Parker
Pat (Razem) Guzowski
Bob Sichau
Mike Pitman
Nancy (Huttenlocher) Redmond
Melody (Flood) Hennings
Donna (Ray) Sarda
Greg Rinehart
Steve Broker
Jeff Zimmer
Jan (Owen) Childress
Linda (Spontelli) Koenig
Jane & Dan Curran
Dennis Guenther
Karen (Lampman) Jeffries
Greg Jackson
Gary Skoog
Linda (Wishner) Maier
Ed Hamala
Tom Hennings
Bob Kunkle
Jim Pietrick
Jeanne (Johnston) Carrell
Jack Oswald
Nicki Zinni
Mike Jelenic
Elaine (Shingleton) Mravetz

Tom Pfeiffer
Jan (Walsh) Streeter

Jeff Jeffries
Al Stewart

Lynn (Phillips) Came
Tom & Jan Streeter

Karen (Pfaff) Nelsen
Gary Strempel

Tim Terek
June Mikkila

Susan (Kinkelaar) Mears
Valerie (Noah) Boone

Roger Clingman
Cindy (Post) Grandy

Larry Markworth
Gary Strempel

Tim Barth
Steve Broker

Tom Csapo
Marcia (Pepple) Davies

Ilona Domokos Reid

Barbara (Lueckel) Tipka

Jan Meznarsic Iglehart

Joe Ratica

Darlene (Russ) Eft

Jon Skeans

Linda (Wishner) Maier



'64 - Pat (Razem) Guzowski:
'65 - Pam (McEwen) Faup:
'66 - Jane (Athan) Curran:

What A Party!

Reunion Pictures from Ed Sabala Click Here

Reunion Pictures from Dave Coleman Click Here

More to come. As we get them, we'll post them.

If you have any pics you'd like to share,
please email them to
Or, send them to: Pat (Razem) Guzowski
27470 Hemlock Drive Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 835-5523

Reunion Committee:

Barb (Brewster) Zavasnik
Pam (McEwen) Faup
Jane (Athan) Curran
John Jefferson
Laurie (Roller) Evanko
Bob Blankenburg
Mike Jelenic
Toni Rogliano Rose
Barb (Taylor) Buck
Denise (Wilder) Rainey
Dick Steuwe
Dan Curran
Susan (Kinkelaar) Mears
Bob Sudick
Ray Jenne
Toni (Raia) Coleman
John Shumacher
Ron Mercer
Sharon (Landreth) Trissel
Bob Sichau
Jack Stillman
Diana (Loy) Lorek
Al Wagner
Jan (Nichols) Blankenburg
Lynn (Malecki) Imhoff
Valerie (Noah) Boone
Don Mitchell
Bev Muzyka

Kate Zukie
Tim Terek

Maurie Condon
Pat (Razem) Guzowski

Dave Coleman
Roger Clingman

Rob Bartos

Any and all feed back is important, invited and encouraged.
We want to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail any comments and ideas.


Pictures from the 2001 Reunion
Click Here
If you've got any photos you'd like to share, please email them to

Want to see some pics of FHS?
Click Here

Want to see pics of classmates?
Click Here

Here are some more photos our classmates would like to share.
Click Here

Or, send them to:
Pat (Razem) Guzowski
27470 Hemlock Drive
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 835-5523

An Extra Special Thanks To:

Pat (Razem) Guzowski

Without Pat we might not get together. She is the driving force behind the Reunion Committee, the lady cracking the whip and cajoling us into getting things done. Please join us in saying thanks to Pat.

Email her at

We can't find these guys!
We know they're out there somewhere. We just don't know where.

Missing From The Class of 64

Carol Osborne

Missing From The Class of 65 
Don Bishop
Persis Giebel
Debbie Miletzki
Jennette Schneider
Jon Lowry
Sally Weber
Thomas Crane
Patricia Cawrse (Delfosse)
Stewart Wilson

Sue Ann Heyne

Missing From The Class of 66 
Linda Babbitt
Richard Johnson
Karen Lynn Read
Elizabeth Bliss
Lou Anne Lunsford
Jim Schellenberger
Nancy Bluter
Thomas Malone
Beth Thompson
Al Higgins
Linda Paulson

Please send any information you may have to
Class of 64
Class of 65
Class of 66
Pat Razem (Guzowski)
27470 Hemlock Drive
Westlake, OH 44145
(440) 835-5523
Pam McEwen (Faup)
24135 Maria Lane
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Jane Athan (Curran)
4558 W. 225th St.
Fairview Park, OH 44126
(440) 241-0006

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